Most important gadgets of the last 100 years


The recent items are sponsored, right? They’re comparing Beats by Dre headphones to hearing aids and dialysis machines?


It’s the Daily Heil, I’m suprised it’s isn’t all sponsored links.

it is kind of weird that the internet isn’t listed. EDIT: ok, i guess the internet isn’t technically a gadget. never mind.


They list the World Wide Web.

I recognize the Educator 64 computer - it’s mine! Picture was from the Vintage Computer Festival west. The Educator 64 is a Commodore 64 in a PET case with a B&W display. In that picture it was browsing the internet with the RR-Net ethernet adapter driven by the Contiki Web Browser.


Beats headphones? Stopped reading right there.


Curiously, the list actually refers to gadget launches rather than the gadgets themselves. But it doesn’t really matter anyway, since this is the result of a survey of just 3,900 “gadget fans” as detailed by the Daily Mail.

…Seriously, why link to the Daily Mail again? I thought it was very well-established here that the Daily Mail is a terrible, terrible thing.

but of course I did…

The list starts with product categories (no argument here) like the toaster, electric drill and kettle but descends into specific makes and models as the decades move forward. The video game console is certainly a notable gadget but listing the SNES and both Playstations is redundant. By 2007 it just gets silly.

You know its bunk when the playstation 4 is listed. A product that isn’t even available yet!


The parenthesis in the headline is so clumsy that it could have been taken from Cracked.

I wrote some of the early demo BASIC programs for that Epson HX-20 pictured at the top, when I was a kid.

My dad started working for Epson and brought a demo model home with him. He took it back to work the next week and told Marketing that his son started writing short progs on it immediately and they went nuts.

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Took me a little reading to discover that “zip” is British for “zipper.”

The internet is on the list. 1969. Also on the list is “The Ethernet”, which I found amusing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ethernet written with an article in front of it … and it’s even less of a “thing” than the internet.

It is a curious list, as it suggests that there was nothing more influential in 1983 than the Commodore 64, and somehow thus suggests the Commodore 64 is more important than the Apple II series (1977, which they thought the Mattel Electronic Football was more influential for) or the Apple Macintosh (1984, where they chose the Sony Discman).

Seriously, this is a very flawed list. “Most influential” is such a subjective criteria that there is no way you can reach a true consensus.

Thanks for the little ‘[Mail]’ warning, so I know I needn’t follow the link.

“Hook it up to the Ethernet port.” Sure you have seen it with an article in front - you just weren’t giving the The that appropriate emphasis.

WTF are they linking to the Daily Mail? Don’t get me wrong, I go there for all my bikini-related celebrity news but I’m not proud of it.

Some of the listed items were influential in a big, societal way, while others are apparently influential to the Daily Mail’s coffers.

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