Mostly locked thread

Can someone help me undestand how a locked thread contains posts after it is locked. How does that work?


Trust Level 4 and higher can keep posting after a topic is locked

You are Trust Level 2, I’m Trust Level 3, most people never get to 4 so don’t hold your breath


Thank you!

Is there a ceremony? Do I have to do a naked dance under the harvest moon, during a king tide, whilst covered in chicken blood? How does one attain this power?

Or is it just demonstrating the maturity that you won’t abuse it?


What is this “trust level” you speak of?

(The thresholds are different on each Discourse instance but you get the general idea.)


To get TL2 you just have to be here for two weeks without getting banned

To get TL3 you basically have to have a certain number of “Likes” and read a certain number of posts

TL4 are recruited by the site owners one at a time as volunteer deputy admins


What powers are granted these figures of TL4?


How does one see their trust level? Am I missing it in the profile?

This isn’t some secret Eyes Wide Shut cabal. You can view TL4 folks here:

TL4 is basically a quasi-moderator. We can close/open, rename, split, bump, and move topics and edit posts (we cannot delete posts - only mods can do that). Our flags also carry more weight.


This badge is granted when you reach trust level 4. You’re a leader in this community as selected by staff, and you set a positive example for the rest of the community in your actions and words here. You have the ability to edit all posts, take common topic moderator actions such as pin, close, unlist, archive, split, and merge.

on the linked page, you can see all the leaders, should you believe in such things

Nae King ! Nae quin ! Nae Laird! Nae master! We willna’ be fooled agin!

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If I get TL4 and don’t get to wear a robe or meet Miscavige I will be disappointed.


Well, I never did disclose the initiation process…


she guessed about the chicken blood on her own


Lol, don’t sweat the gender


Wait, they let YOU be one of them?!



Me thinks that is about as likely as Dawkings entering the bridge of SeaOrg

What is Trust Level: member? I mean I do have a couple Members Only jackets, so it may be appropriate, but I am not seeing TL1-4 on my “user page.”

AFAIK “Isabel” is feminine in all the usual languages but it’s up to you

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Member is TL2. If you look at your profile badges, you should see “Member”. You can select that for more information. The majority of active users here are TL2. Members Only jacket optional, but strongly encouraged.

Regular is TL3. These are the really active users who read and post a lot.

Basic is TL1. This is where everybody starts after getting out of the “New” (TL0) bucket.


I think I’ve probably crossed some kind of threshold for (temporary) bans, to get past “Member” at this point… :sweat_smile:

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