Mostly naked man plays Nokia ringtone on the accordion so that you don't have to


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He’s doing God’s work.



Yep. In god’s image.


This is why YouTube was created.


And once again, we are reminded that the internet is a deeply weird place.


The source is much nicer.

Thank you QI. (sadly I can’t find a link to that bit.)


“Accordion to His will”


Thank you, mostly naked man.

I guess?




Oh thank god, now I can take that off my schedule next week.


I especially enjoy that he didn’t cut out the exit from the tree that didn’t quite go according to plan.


Who are we to say?


Ok, I laughed even harder when I pictured him hit the ground thinking “PERFECT!”


I have no interest in seeing a mostly naked man plan Nokia ringtones on an accordion. However, I am extremely happy to live in a world where such a thing exists. Keep life weird folks.


I did not know this!


The headline forgot to mention the fall from the tree, a detail that seems as important as the whole clothing and accordion thing.


well I’m quite drunk, so this makes sense now.


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