Mother and baby found alive in jungle 4 days after plane crash


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It is Colombian not Columbian. Common mistake, I only know about it because it deeply offends my Colombian girlfriend.


Probably ran out of fuel or a fuel system problem, being a twin and that it appears to have made a controlled-as-possible treetop landing.
For remote cross country at least the pilot should carry an EPIRB on their person, these sat-beacons are lifesavers if you survive a crash. A whistle and mirror are super cheap too.
I used to be in CAP and later ran a county SAR for the fire dpt. Stay with the aircraft or vehicle, lay out signals, start a fire and be ready to throw smoky stuff into it.
The military does it right; flame resistant nomex, comm helmets, emergency beacons and radio on all aircrew as well as survival and first aid gear.


Live action Tarzan reboot averted.


This is very close to Blanka’s origin in Street Fighter II.


came across a couple of indigenous people who helped her

Hardly alone and helpless then. Local people helped them out.



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