Mother cat who lost three babies adopts three orphaned kittens




Thank you.


Is somebody cutting onions in here? Man, the feels are real ): remind me when I tried my cat at 2 days old. I still wish he had had time to be raised by a mama cat.


ZOMG! A cat doing what they’ve been genetically selected for! Stop the press!

Besides, around here, we go for inter-species nursing.


What is it like to not have a heart? :wink:


Going to the movies with you must suck.


Well, now I feel slightly better about thinking “the redundant array of improvised descendants appears to have rebuilt successfully once the failover kittens were swapped in”. Slightly.


I suppose you never can have too many failover kittens.


The problem with kittens is that they are easier to scale up than scale down…


That’s actually the tricky bit. Kittens in offline storage have a very short shelf life, so (as in this story) finding failover kittens when you need them can be a problem.

Ordinarily, I’d suggest having hot-spare kittens; but kitten hosts can only support a limited number of total kittens, so (as in this case) you may not have enough hot spares to cover failures.

This may be why "Cat as a Service" solutions are popular in some markets.


It’s a version of tit-for-tat that ends up being altruistic.


More like tit-for-cat.


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