Motorist Karen furious at the victim of her bad driving mistake

I learned through experience having taken the door off an Astra with an MZ (those MZs were built to last, it didn’t even go down).


Holy Moly That Hurt GIF by Northwest Motorsport


That was my first reaction too - what a terrible parking job to take up two spaces.


Some people don’t deserve to have a door.

I usually ride a motorcycle and assume that every car with someone in the driver’s seat is about to not only open their door, but are about to leap out into the road and try to cross it.


Headrests really make life difficult for observation, so giving them plenty of room and assuming the worst case is necessary.

An American Scouser? The worst of all possible worlds (speaking as an American brought up in the other Lancastrian ‘pool).

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Accent was… South Wales if I am not mistaken? I could be off.

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Watched with the sound off. Major error on my part, apparently. Still, that’s Murkan behavior without a doubt.

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She’s weirdly quick to get out and confront the driver of the other vehicle. I’d think that most people who get involved in a collision like that would have at least a moment or two of “Ohmigod” as they try to collect themselves after the shock. But she just carries on getting out of the vehicle as if nothing had happened, then walks over and starts Karen-ing at the other driver.

Did she plan it? Or is this just not the first time this exact thing has happened to her?

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Not that there’s much we can do to promote its use, but there’s a simple maneuver called the Dutch Reach that is intended to prevent this sort of thing.


Got out quick? Am I the only one here who got the impression the offending car sideswiped Karen’s car just before it hit her open door? Sure seems that way. Karen’s car clearly gets crunched and moves to the left before the door gets hit, IMHO.

I was on a bus once when someone parked and opened the door about four feet in front of us. Took the door clean off as the driver could not possibly have braked or swerved.

Had we been going a tad slower or the car’s driver been faster moving he or she would have been stepping out and this would have been a lot messier.

This was on a major four lane street with constant heavy traffic, so the person had zero excuse.

I do like to think the seat upholstery needed a deep cleaning with the driver’s underwear a total write off.

Rewatching, I think you’re right.

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Can’t, her door was already opening when the other car was still behind her.


Often their side and rear view mirrors contain clues - provided they are not tinted.

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Yes, I was on the bike end of that one time. Thankfully I wasn’t going too fast and also thankfully I was riding with my wife. But I still took a full header over the person’s car door and landed pretty hard on my side. I had some injuries and sued her. Only netted about 5 grand.

As for this lady… I saw someone double parked in San Francisco one time swing their door open into the Muni lane. A bus took their door off and unlike the person in this video, never stopped… Was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in traffic.

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… sideswiped the REAR right-hand door before it hit her open front right-hand door … which would go a long way toward explaining why she immediately reacted the way she did.

i.e., the moment she opened her door, she heard/felt the offending car hit her car on the right rear and then hit her open door … which could have been a disaster had she stepped out of her car any sooner.

Americans do not use the word “daft”, particularly not in a fit of rage. In those moments we have many more “fucks” to give.

Always use the Dutch-Reach-Method or opening the door with your non-door hand.

In North America; open the driver’s door with your right hand as it makes you turn your body and look for dangers naturally.

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When I first heard it, there was an Edsel and a Timex!