Motorized backpack adjusts its motion to feel lighter

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So all I have to do is wear a 20 lb backpack so that my 60lb load will feel like 55? Awesome.


If I have interpreted the numbers they give correctly, you can wear a 12 lb backpack to make your 65 lb load feel like 1 lb.

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Yes, I would like to be dry humped by my backpack.
Please send immediately.


This is what I thought it was originally.
(IEEE article specifies the load smoothing is active instead of passive.)


No, clearly its imperfections have the Li-ion thing bottom out after a few hours so that you have the step (and choice) of either making a fire or inflating a raft done for you by the time you’re at the apogee of your climb. Ideally you will encounter a Class C fire resistant bear at that point.

Seriously, that’s a killer idea if you modify it a bit! Imagine a backpack that gives you a little hug every so often just to let you know it’s there for you.

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