Motorola's snap-fit magnetic puzzle-phone looks promising

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Modular phones: things people say they think would be neat and swell but don’t actually want.


To be fair, there’s a lot of things that were in that category until Apple made them, and then people actually wanted them.


I want.

I’m actually frustrated that phones weren’t modular to begin with.


I think it was actually extremely clever marketing, other than the Apple ][.

In the days when Macs were the most powerful affordable computers you could buy, people knew very well why they wanted them, i.e. do more work in less time.

My first Nokia phone was pretty thin for the time, but when you added the “large” battery pack it was house brick sized.

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Can I get a phone that actually conforms to my ears and isn’t awkward to talk on?


Certainly, as long as you don’t mind a bit of plastic surgery ^^’ …

Plus can actually be used one handed. :frowning:

My first thought is that a phone which falls apart when you drop it would be very annoying then I thought that it would have fantastic impact resistance so there is that going for this idea.

Makes me wonder if the reality was the exact opposite, in that the battery life was so terrible due to the manufacturer obsession with thinness, that mods such as external batteries were necessary to get around that whilst still aiming for the ‘thinnest-phone™’ sales feature point…

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