Mountain Simulator


It does have an actual ending, which Oreilly says will take 50 hours to reach. I cannot imagine what that might be, which is great

Wouldn’t the ending just be the mountain weathering away to nothing?

Maybe it has sex with a washing machine.

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Again you foil me, Jardine!

Just wait…

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Wouldn’t it be cool if this were the mountain simulation?

Kind of like SimCity for very very patient players.

Perhaps they are like the “mountains” in Sheri S Tepper’s After Long Silence
i.e. giant sentient crystals

Obvious mashup - put Mountain Simulator and Goat Simulator together.

After RTA, I actually think it’s a pretty cool idea. It seems to me more of a “biome” or “ecology” simulator with a mountain theme than really simulating a mountain.

I’d actually really like a highly granular natural ecology sim type of thing. Something I can use to mock-up the park bordering my back yard, then I can watch as simulated squirrels chase each other, and the simulated owl catches a simulated vole, and simulated frogs lay eggs in the simulated pond, which then hatch into simulated tadpoles that metamorphose into pollywogs, then finally new simulated frogs, as the old simulated frogs die of simulated cold in the simulated winter, or starvation from the simulated mosquitoes and other insects burying themselves for simulated hibernation.

Sounds boring, I’m going to go play Cliffhorse and make horse stomp all over mountain.

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