Mousetrap Monday guy traps wasps for a change

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We have that trap outside. It works well, even just with sugar water.

A word of warning: Empty the trap often, because there is no more u̼̠̼̖̟̝̬n̟͇̺͓͈͕go̹̮̱̗͉̞d̺͔l̙̤͓y͕̖͎ ̤̖̯͉͚s͔͈͍t͇͓̝͈̣̹̯ḙ̭̳n̪c̹h̖̼̱̞ͅ than a lot of dead wasps, and it only gets worse the longer you leave it.

Speaking of which, time to go empty the $3 Dollarama bag trap in the basement with over 20 wasps in it. (I hope I’ve plugged all the ways they were getting in.


Alternatively would could burn the house and start over.


Poor BB-8 has been reduced to bug catching!

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It’s okay. I think I subtracted faster than they could multiply.

It’s not a pretty trap, but quick to deploy. Cut a hole in the bag to pop out the entrance, add warm water. (There’s a bag of sugar-stuff inside.)

Now to check the furnace/AC filter…



Neat video (as per usual)! One minuscule plea from an ancient beekeeper: at one point the author suggested sugar water as a possible addition to the bait, this will work as all hymenopterans are attracted to sugar, however it’s not discriminating between beneficial bees and annoying aggressive dangerous wasps, hornets, and, yellow-jackets (oh my). That is, you’ll capture happy useful pollenating honeybees and bumblebees as well using sugary stuff. So, please: bait with meat and nothing sweet.


Oh yeah, I saw this on a site called BoingBoing a month or two ago. Btw, BoingBoing is a great place for all kinds of interesting things. Y’all should try it out.

As I pointed out the last time…
For a very very effective and easy kill wait till night as they are inactive and boil water in a large pot then pour it into the nest. Kills off the adults and larva quickly and is much nicer for the environment.

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Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater features a philanthropist (Rosewater) whom poor people want to thank. He intentionally infests his office with flies, and tells them “You know, you could come help me with these flies.” Some of them bring cups of soapy water up ladders to hold under the flies on the ceiling. The flies drop as they attempt to take off, just as in this impressive video.

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The burn option might need reviewing. Now that the weather is sunny again. more are getting in. Four dead in the trap, more live on the workbench light. (Sugar-water and apple juice because honey bees in the basement can take their chances.)

/make note to avoid skewers

Are there scents.smells that wasps avoid? Wonder if there’s any candles or incense you can try out while you try to patch up wherever they’re coming in from.

My apt used to have a bad roach problem and insecticides only did so much. Since i started using lavender candles regularly (i burn it once a day for 2hrs) i haven’t had one appear. Though i still try to spray in certain key areas as a deterrent

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