Movies as Emoji


Continuing the discussion from Kyle "Paul Atreides" McLachlan explains Dune with a single tweet:

Where Mr. McLachlan has lead, we shall follow—describe a movie or two!

Difficulty: Use no letters, numbers, syllables, or ideographs (except those that appear incidentally within a symbol used for other purposes). And try to use each symbol once at most.



Twin Peaks (ETA: yeah I know it’s not a movie. Fire Walk With Me?)



The Phantom Menace


Maybe :milky_way::alien::poop: ?


Came here to say this, but found my work done for me.



Star Trek [pick a number]


:flag_jp: :airplane_small: :rocket: :ship: :boom: :flag_us: :airplane: :shinto_shrine: :boom: :boom:

Pearl Harbor


:older_man: :man: :boy: :baby: :skull:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I know, not a lot of detail, but at least it’s pretty unambiguous.


:fist: :moneybag:

:dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

:innocent: :smiling_imp: :japanese_ogre:

(Clue: :spaghetti: :cactus: :cow: )


Am I bad at emoji? or am I too old to emoji?


A Fistful of Dollars ?

ETA: The clue made it a head slapper :slight_smile:


:swimmer: :dolphin: :no_good::circus_tent: :no_entry: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :dolphin: :motorboat: :dolphin: :gun: :boom: :swimmer:


:angry: :angry: :rage: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :thinking: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

:angry: :angry: :rage: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :angry: :angry:

:angry: :angry: :rage: :angry: :thinking: :angry: :angry: :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :angry: :angry:

:angry: :thinking: :rage: :angry: :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :thinking: :angry:

:thinking: :thinking: :rage: :angry: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :angry: :thinking: :thinking:

:thinking: :thinking: :rage: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

:thinking: :thinking: :sob:: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


independence Day


12 angry men.


The Man with No Name Trilogy


One of my All-Time Top 10 favorites. Had to speed-read through the script to get the juror #s and order of 'not-guilty’s correct. Now I want to watch it again.


I hope not!?


Is it Jaws, I think? No emoji for shark?



Yes, it’s Big Trouble in Little China