Movies edited down to only the parts where non-white actors speak. They're very short films


Why do you claim that white is a permanent condition? Especially when those whom it describes (both officially and informally) varies so much in terms of time and place? In the U.S., it once described people of “Arabic” descent, but now often doesn’t. Same with those of “Mexican” descent. It’s a fiction. With real-world effects, but still, an ever-changing fiction. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that ALL Jewish Americans are classified now as white; obviously, many people who are not taken as white are Jewish, although the Israeli state would seem at times to disagree. Jewish racism against people who aren’t white – quite the irony, no?


This conversations is as much about definition and terminology as subjective content. I suppose white to me is the color of the men who cleansed the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and wanted to rule over an Africa and Asia of slaves, some whites have olive skin and are discriminated against by other whites.
We can cite our favorite sources forever and of course we also will filter through personal experience though I feel very comfortable saying Jew=white over the long term is as naive as saying racism ended since there is a black president especially considering the cost of the self-loathing community lead Jewish Ameican whitening program.

Race, among Jewish people in Israel is in interesting topic which I have tried to follow because it is very much an apples and oranges situation as to what factor carries more weight among class, sex, immigration status, religion, etc. It is outside the long history and easy rules of a black&white mentality and a population divide culture seen especially in the culturally isolated US where it seems that all important questions are strictly true/false or two option multiple choice.


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