MP4 upload test

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Is ludicrous speed your doing, or just the plugin?


Mine, here’s the gif for reference. Anyone on Windows? Working in Windowsland too?


I am, cause you know work… It looks okay to me. I can check on my win10 machine when I get home.

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So now that I am home, it seems fine in win10 with chrome and edge though no more ludicrous speed option :crying_cat_face:
ETA i was using firefox on win7 at work earlier.

Checked it in Chrome Firefox and Edge on win10 pro. all ticketty boo

But is MP4 pronounced hard or soft?

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the D is silent


Does Discourse not support this? (or the script that grabs the entry from BB-proper?)

I’m just seeing text

But weirdly, it works when I paste the same text into my reply?

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possibly related to why videos dont show up here but are good on the main site?

It might be because wordpress converts plain video URLs at publication to video tags/embeds. It’s like oembed, but it’s not really oembed, it’s just some javascripted URL-with-a-file-extension cruftery.

So now I am back at work again Firefox and IE11 have playback speed options when when I right click, Chrome and Edge or may be a win10 thing, no option for playback speed.
Firefox has Ludicrous speed, IE11 just has .25x .50x 1.00x 2.00x etc.

Herman: Nancy, did you finish the Celebrity Scene page?
Nancy Kendricks: Oh, tickety boo.
Herman: I don’t know what that means.
Nancy Kendricks: It means you’ll have it soon.
Herman: Well if you mean I’ll have it soon, then why don’t you say ‘I’ll have it soon’? I mean, ‘tickety boo’ is just confusing, for everybody!

(I don’t even like that movie. But it’s a good line)

I got nothing but a black rectangle. Your test: failed.

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