Mr. Cherry holds the world record for most nuts crushed in a minute by sitting on them

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Somewhere in my adult life, I learned that there are people who think up stunts just to do them and get the “world record” for them. I used to think (like a lot of kids, I suppose) that the Guinness Book Of World Records was some sort of holy authority that regulates stunts. Of course, that’s not true at all, and if you’ve got some goofy thing that has a timed or other measurable element, they’re generally happy to come make it official. I suppose they were pickier back in the days when it was an actual book, but nowadays they sure aren’t. Certain people have figured this out and thus hold dozens of “records” for things simply because nobody else has ever bothered to do them.


I don’t follow. They’ve included a bunch of silly records for at least as long as I’ve been alive and they still publish the book every year.

Hence the “I suppose”. I was guessing they used to curate more when space was more limited. Apparently not.

First question: Do those nuts crushed include his own?

Second question: Now who is going to eat them?



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For a significant fee, anyway. They make plenty of money from selling books but as John Oliver pointed out in a show they also make huge amounts of money in fees for certifying silly records, often at the behest of self-absorbed autocrats and authoritarians. Depending on what you want included the fees can reach up to $500k.


He would be a buzzkill at the Banquet of the Chestnuts.

I remember “longest time sat in a bath of baked beans” being in there when I was a kid.


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