MRSA is from Morningside Heights


Remember how in “World War Z,” people kept yelling “If we find out where it originated, we can make a vaccine!”

I hope nobody took that seriously.

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Coincidence?! I think not! Thanks, Obama!

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Where does it say it’s from Morningside Heights or the Upper West Side?

The article says it’s “right in Columbia’s neighborhood: northern Manhattan,” but presumably they’re talking about Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights (which is truly northern Manhattan) and not the main Columbia U. campus in Morningside Heights 50 blocks south.

I think that fulfills my daily quota of pedantry.

it’s not pedantic, and yes, this article has a bit more detail and claims it was traced back to 1993 in Washington Heights, with a significant mutation in 2002.

Sorry, that’s my fault. Will fix.


And, now, scientists have pinpointed where that strain first evolved. It’s from the northern Manhattan.

That’s one of my favorite Manhattans!

Well there are various northern Manhattans (Irwood, Fort George, Hamilton Heights), but this is THE northern Manhattan, not those other impostors which don’t have any hospitals…

Hey, Inwood has a hospital: New York Presbyterian Allen Pavilion.

oh yeah

Do I recall that was almost exactly where AIDS patient zero lived? But about a decade earlier, I suppose. New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!

This stuff’s made in New York City!

(incredulous shouting of New York City?!)

Get a rope.

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