MSNBC's Donny Deutsch says his former friend Trump is "cornered, unhinged," would start war "to protect his hide"


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On the one hand, it’s beneficial to have former Trump loyalists make clear that they have had second thoughts and are worried about what it going on. On the other…fuck people like Donny fucking Deutsch who were “in on the joke” for the last 20 years when Donald Trump was a garbage person making our country worse by existing in it.

Birtherism, the Central Park Five, cackling along with the hyenas at Fox & Friends about whatever nonsense of the day they are peddling, none of these things are recent developments. Half the country was pulling their hair out trying to tell people like Deutsch that Trump was a dangerous lunatic, and now these garbage people want a pat on the nose and a treat for admitting what decent reasonable people knew all along.


He’s not even rage-tweeting in complete sentences anymore.


Yes, there’s a witch hunt, Donnie, and you’re the witch.


Now that Putin’s showing videos of Missiles to Mar-a-Lago, Trump is realizing he doesn’t have any friends.


So far it’s been, what, five witches that have plead guilty?


That depends. Are they targeted on blue States? Especially places where Obama is likely to be?


I’m pretty sure that the word “foxhole” has a different meaning for the Pussy-Grabber In Chief.


I dunno, the only video I saw had a murder of MIRVs descending on the Sunshine State.


Stick, then, not carrot?


It’s like conducting a witch hunt at Hogwarts. Everyone is a witch; Mueller’s job is to look them over one by one to decide what is to be done with them. Like a sorting hat that decides which Federal prison people belong in.


Exactly. A witch hunt would be unreasonable in a world where witches don’t exist.

These witches exist, and they are eating babies.


It’s important to clarify that point because apparently some Conservatives don’t understand how “witch hunt” metaphors actually work:



I’m guessing you missed the context for this comment. Have a look:



That was a shitton more than 9 characters you stupid board.


Off topic…
I’m going to be that guy

He admits that he and Trump were as close of friends as friends can be

Please just stop with the redundant and distracting ‘of’. In this example it renders the sentence meaningless.
And once the incorrect ‘of’ is removed, it immediately becomes clear it would be better to say ‘as close as friends can be’.


your wrong


IKR, yeah you’d have to check your pockets, wouldn’t want to be alone with the creep, but you know let’s make him president!

No sympathy, but I’m glad to see some rats jumping off. Too bad I’m on the damned ship too.


Ah, and so it has finally begun. The enablers realizing that they can’t keep this monkey in chains to push their 19th century agenda. It’s ironic that the only ‘president’ that ever said he’s literally coming for your guns - damn the laws, is the one that these goose-stepping, tin-foil hat wearing bigots blindly follow. Now, what will it take for the evangelicals to turn-coat on their anointed one? His fall will be spectacular yet, unfortunately, catastrophic for this nation.


The irony is that historically, most accused witches were apparently found to be innocent at trial. So this isn’t, in any way, like a witch hunt.