Mueller's new boss is a Trump tool


I thought Trump would appoint an intelligent, unbiased, respected professional to take over from Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.


I can’t imagine this surprises anyone. At what point does everyone just have to throw their hands up and admit that this guy is very obviously and badly hiding something? How ridiculous does it need to get for people to recognize that this isn’t how a person in a position of power who has nothing to hide behaves.

Basically, if there was nothing, it would actually behoove Trump to be as compliant and friendly as possible and save all his scathing rhetoric until the end. A savvy tyrant would let them finish and fail to find anything useful, and then tear into them. That’s a fatal blow to the opposition–it destroys their credibility and makes them look like the “bad guys.”

Spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to find a legal way to stop the line of inquiry? Well that’s somebody who doesn’t want something found out. Plain and simple. The value of being compliant in an investigation that comes up clean is enormous from a standpoint of political leverage, and for a lot of people would irreversibly “prove” his rhetoric about being unfairly targeted. Trump might not be clever enough to realize that, but one of his hired asps certainly would be.

I mean, either way, none of it matters because we’ve already got more than enough evidence to show that there was some level of collusion between the campaign and Trump, and that Republicans engaged in massive voter suppression campaigns in the 2016 election, Russians or not. (But yes, lots of Russians) The fact that he hasn’t been just led out of the place in handcuffs is just proof of how uneven the rule of law is in the US. National election fraud is arguably about the most serious political crime one can commit. It’s tantamount to treason, and should be treated as such. Meanwhile, if a poor person is suspected of having done a thing, the police waste nary a second in arresting, or just preemptively executing them.


His base will NEVER EVER suggest or even suspect that he did anything wrong so long as he continues to say “I did nothing wrong.”


Hey, don’t make me come over there and ask, “What about her emails?”!" :wink:


Trump getting rid of Sessions is the only Confederate Monument he’ll ever remove.


His actual “base” is relatively small, I think, much smaller than the people who generally support him. His truly unshakable base, which I estimate accounts for maybe only about 15% of the population are indeed unlikely to believe anything bad about the man, or they’ll happily justify it away. As far as his supporters go, I think about 5 seconds of pee tape would be about all that would be needed for them to turn on him. It wouldn’t suddenly make them not awful reactionaries bent on destroying the human race, but at least they’d stop supporting this floater.


At this point, I think we need to re-christen the GOP the “Banana Republican Party”.


Many of my family are his supporters. I am telling you based on this personal experience…his base is bigger and more widespread than you think and they are willing to ignore so much more than you can imagine.

The pee tape would do zero to waiver their support.


Maybe the “Pee Tape” wouldn’t be enough; but how about, “Two Girls, One President”? :open_mouth:


I don’t know if I’d want to be a “Trump tool” right now. It looks like the President has less and less power to reward his staff, and less and less inclination. He’s more concerned about his own skin, and he’s not exactly known for loyalty. Look how he went to bat for Cohen and Manafort.


He could kill and eat a human infant on live television and about a third of the country would find a way for it to be Hillary’s or Obama’s fault.


Some of the people I grew up around had what would be described in general as “compounds” and live in a basically entirely red state, so I get it. At the risk of sounding like an optimist though, whenever you play around with extremists, you’re playing with fire as extreme people are also prone to extreme reactions like turning their back on someone they once liked because they said or did something counter to “the message.”

There will be plenty of people, technically including myself, who will say, “so what, a pee tape? some people are into that,” but the kinds of people who are likely to feel that way aren’t likely to be part of his base. They’d scream and shout that it’s “fake” but his overall support would shed a lot of people who maybe thought they were part of his base until they saw it in the flesh. Granted, there will be a bunch of people who instantly seek to destroy the credibility of anything like that, but it won’t matter, it’d still do a huge amount of damage to him.

Probably the worst part? We’re basically having to look at sex shaming the guy as a positive. I’m not saying that we should actively participate in that shaming or judgment, I don’t think we should, but unfortunately I do think we have to let his supporters do it, at least to him. The situation is simply too dire.




I live in a deeply blue state. And most of my family is well educated and intelligent. and yet STILL…for whatever reason, they are deluded.

Honestly…the Pee Tape if true would not change my opinion of him one iota. I could not care less what he does in his own bedroom or pays sex workers willing to take the cash for services to do. that is none of my business, completely legal, and has nothing to do with being POTUS or performing the duties of the office.

He is wholly unqualified for a host of reasons…his sexual proclivities are not among them.


Was that baby even legal?


Well, except for the pussy grabbing and walking in on teen beauty pageant contestants while they’re changing.

Although, that’s arguably more about abuse of power than sex.


Exactly. His behavior and attitudes towards woman are not a fetish.


The only ethical thing Sessions ever did was recuse himself. I wonder if this new flunky has the same minimal level of ethics. Somehow I doubt it.


Which if you think about it. For sessions that wasn’t about ethics. It was about protecting his own ass.