Mueller's new boss is a Trump tool


Well, except for the pussy grabbing and walking in on teen beauty pageant contestants while they’re changing.

Although, that’s arguably more about abuse of power than sex.


Exactly. His behavior and attitudes towards woman are not a fetish.


The only ethical thing Sessions ever did was recuse himself. I wonder if this new flunky has the same minimal level of ethics. Somehow I doubt it.


Which if you think about it. For sessions that wasn’t about ethics. It was about protecting his own ass.


Exxxxxxxcept when used as an extremely long lever to give tremendous power to a foreign adversary, hypothetically speaking.


I was hoping he would by accident. Ah well.


They would just claim that is fake news.

However I honestly believe that Trump could openly admit that he is the high priest of a baby sacrificing satanic cult on twitter, and his base would still vote for him while accusing the Democrats of being the literal Anti-Christ.


Sexual misconduct only matters when it’s a Democrat. This guy wears his sexism like a badge of honor, and his base eats it up.

“Look at him! Two women at once! What a man!

It won’t do anything.

As we have seen Trump himself do to his lackeys over and over.


But they don’t fuckkng count. Now do they.

The qualifications for a leader of any country is determined by the denizens of said country.

I appreciate snark and sarcasm most times. But. In this instance about this topic. I think we need to collectively stop. And be very clear and very serious about this man. Because if we keep making jokes and cracking smiles. He may be here for another 6 years not just 2. And possibly longer if we underestimate him in any way.


How does it not count that the man behaves as if he has an invisible gun held to his head every time he opens his mouth about anything that might relate to Russia or their interests? Surely the sexual kompromat, if it exists, is only part of a much larger portfolio of damaging assets that Putin is sitting on, but I think the man’s kinks are germane to our national interests, simply because of the leverage they provide.


Because as Spock so perfectly said “since you will no doubt kill me once I’ve helped you and my usefulness has ended, then I choose to not cooperate at all”

He should have not run and faced the god damn consequences. Instead of fucking everyone else over.

Blackmail only works on people willing to be complicit in the first place.


At least it hadn’t been aborted.

/s (if necessary)



That was a good one.


Sometimes I think about how much sleep I lose over the (relatively speaking) small, inconsequential challenges I face in my own job and I wonder how someone like Mueller gets any sleep, ever.


I think you’re waayy too optimistic.


Well, he is a Republican after all… /irony


Jesus Fire Emblem Restarting Christ, I know, right?


I agree that the pee tape is irrelevant, but we’re not the people it was ever going to be relevant to. We already recognize the innumerable ways in which he is unfit to hold really any kind of public office whatsoever. I think we’re kind of talking across purposes here. Urolagnia isn’t my thing, but it’s also a very, very, very old thing that humans have been into for long enough that it’s not even remotely shocking… to a progressive, sex-positive kind of person. That’s me, probably you, but that’s not who I’m talking about.

There are people for whom it will matter. How many rural Presbyterian people do you know? Mennonite people? Amish people? For that matter, non-urban Christians of any sort? I’m surrounded by them every day, they are going to give a shit.

Do I think that’s fair? No.
Do I think it’s right to kink shame in general? No.
Do I think those other people who are bothered by it kink shaming him will produce a net benefit to life on our planet? Yes.
Am I happy about it? No.

That’s my point, basically.

The exception to his “sexual proclivities” statement, incidentally, is all the assault and probably actual rape he’s committed. There is no doubt, and it’s even well documented that he’s used his money and power to coerce women into having sex with him. That’s not okay, and is absolutely something we need to be banging on pots and pans and pointing at all of the time, every day. He ought to be in prison.


It really depends. The conservative rural right is happy to dismiss things like sexual assault and rape, but they are much less forgiving of what they consider to be “obscene” sex acts. In their heads, the woman is to blame for the assault or the rape. It’s really that simple, they just believe him and not her and that’s the end of it.

That’s wholly different than fetish acts. If he were on tape engaging in serious BDSM, urolagnia, coprophilia, or anything that could be remotely construed as gay, the reaction will be completely and totally different. The only chance he’ll have to save himself will be to claim it’s all fake, but if there’s video, there will be no denying it, and he’ll shed supporters.

I think there’s some miscommunication between some people in this thread relative to this. If you’re a progressive, sex-positive person, you find the hand waved sexual assault abhorrent and you see sexual fetishes or fixations as something that humans just have. That’s not how the people we’re talking about see it at all. The things we think are abhorrent are fine to them, and the things that we think are fine turn their stomach.

As we have seen Trump himself do to his lackeys over and over.

This. So this. Trump dumps anybody he thinks is even momentarily disloyal to him, and he’s got a very twisted idea of what disloyalty entails. He’s even flipped on his supporters, but that wasn’t really a flip, it’s just that he lied and then did what he intended to do all along.


And I was trying to point out to you YES I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE I AM RELATED TO A BUNCH OF THEM. And it won’t fucking matter to them. They will stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALLAAL.

These are the same people that Wanted Clinton GONE because Gasp he may have gotten a blowjob. But if a pee tape comes out they will say “well. That’s gross but it’s his business what he does in his bedroom”.

I’m tell you. Yes I know them. Personally. It’s anectodotal. I don’t know ALL the right Wong religious nut job Trump supporters. And if that criteria is what you need than whatever. I can’t help you. Don’t believe me.