Mulder and Scully, from prom, to engagement, to expecting


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That last pic is the 90s-iest.



Nah; it doesn’t have lasers in the background.


You must be thinking of the 80’s, 'cause this is about the only laser to be found in pics from the 90’s:


“look like a couple instead of coworkers”

Why not both?


It doesn’t have one of those creepy ghost faces off to the side. That would make it more 90s’er.

I had such a giant crush on Gillian Anderson back in the day, and man has she aged well or what.


I liked that raincoat one.


Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to fish of the company pier?


She totally has aged well, no argument from me.

But… I have one of those floating ghost face photos, it was totally the 70s. We called it our wizard of oz photo.


They are/were both adorable.


Because it’s lazy, banal, and boring. But it is the direction the series eventually went.


She’s even better now. Have you seen The Fall? She absolutely slays in that, it’s amazing.


“Let’s do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files”

BloodHound Gang


The one photo in which they’re both wearing white must be from after season one. Gillian Anderson is clearly pregnant and ready to be abducted by Charles Manson (Steve Railsback).


Imgur link no worky!


To… kinky


been told “don’t dip your pen in the company ink”. is that the same thing?



You think licking is Kinky?


Sometimes, being both is not a great idea, actually, but that usually is only true for the woman. it usually works out fine for the man, so I guess that’s all that matters.