MultiMod Consoles -- modular, modifiable workstation kits


If you are outside of the US/Canada shipping area, Kee/Key/Tube clamp handrail parts are what you need for a DIY system. Most of the rail I’ve seen is galvanised, but you can get it in different sizes.

I used the kee klamps you mentioned 13 years ago to build a desk but it wasn’t cheap – about $7 to $12 per fitting. I’ve checked on the ones on this kickstarter and they seem less robust which is fine. My desk is _way_stronger than it would need to be.

They are available for £3-4 each from UK Suppliers. I have some knocking around in the workshop I keep planning on doing something with.

Why is this a kick starter instead of just a list of 80/20 parts to buy and a drawing?

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