Multiple Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Ren & Stimpy John Kricfalusi


Warning, allegations include sick stuff including grooming and possession of child pornography.


I was wondering when this would hit BB. Apparently another case of “everybody knew, nobody spoke out”.


I used to follow John K on Livejournal when he kept an animation blog. He was always bragging about his staff of cute skinny young girls and his young girlfriend, but I don’t think most people realized how young he meant. That said, I don’t think a single person who’s heard this news was really surprised by it, sadly.


I watched a few episodes of the show. I hadn’t heard of him 'till now, or most of these sickos since I abhor celeb culture, but none of this surprises me. It’s not just Hollywood. This shit is endemic to our culture.

Seems to be that way in most of these cases. Men (and a few women) with influence getting away with predatory behavior because no one wants to upset the apple cart.


It’s not just Hollywood, but it built Hollywood, and Hollywood is endemic to our culture.


It seems like there’s always a few banging on the cartwheels, but people don’t pay attention while they’re enjoying those delicious delicious apples.

I might’ve sprained your metaphor there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When I was going into my career, I was strongly warned away from certain practices and environments by a college professor who’d worked at Bell Labs. He brought a former colleague in to speak to us, who was brain-burnt from too many 36 hour debugging sessions. Similarly, I warned my son away from corporate video game development, since I believe that to be a highly toxic environment. “Success at any cost” seems to cost a lot.



Then there’s Kricfalusi’s reference to Peter Lorre’s child-rapist character in Fritz Lang’s film “M”, in his cartoon “Big baby Scam” wherein a leering naked old man whistles Peer Gynt’s “The Hall of the Mountain King” while sitting in a bathtub shared with Ren & Stimpy (censored by Nickelodeon).


I just finished reading this and I just…ugh.

May the cultural shift underway be further catalyzed by news like this so that the world is that much safer that much sooner for anyone who would otherwise be in a position like that of Byrd or Rice.


This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, but it also doesn’t ruin Ren & Stimpy for me, because I was never a fan. The gross-out humor and hyperactive tone of the cartoon just never really appealed to me.


The visual style was still massively influential on later work by other animators though, most notably Spongebob Squarepants.


Another animation I’ve never cared for, sorry.

I get your meaning though, and the animation style has merit on its own; from Samurai Jack to the original PPG, to a show that I actually love, Wander Over Yonder.

( Personally, I need some ‘substance’ to go along with all the ‘style.’)


I loved Spongebob, but I’m with you on Ren & Stimpy. Just gross and dumb.


I tried watching it, more than once; I guess I was just never high enough to find it entertaining.


Having watched it as a kid, and liking it – well before I was getting high – I can say that weed is not required, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Definitely not humor for everyone, though – some people would be pretty put off by, say, the Nerve-ending Fairy. Now, Log? How can you not like Log… Everyone wants a Log!


That Guy tells me the first two seasons are one thing, and then it went very far down hill into just gross and dumb after those seasons.


I was talking about Spongebob.


Ah yes, def quite different than R&S despite the similar art style. Sorry!


I’ll always have a soft spot for Spongebob just for the obscure art history jokes.


To each his own.

When I attempted to watch it I was familiarizing myself with current cartoons because I was about to become a mom; so that definitely had an effect on the way I perceived it.