'Multiple Fatalities' in Florida Mass Shooting: Suspect in Custody, 20+ Injured at Parkland's Stoneman Douglas High School

There’s that, too. The GOP is taking advantage of that aspect to try to put this incident down solely to mental illness and ignore the whole roiling American cesspit of inputs that feed off of each-other to create it. That they’re even discussing the idea of increased government funding to help the mentally ill (usually one of their “undeserving” categories) tells us how desperate they are to avoid talking about things like white supremacy and cultural sexism and the wide availability of firearms.


At this point, it’s pretty obvious that ammosexuals have abandoned the social contract, and for the reason in the above analysis.

“I am unwilling to make personal effort or sacrifices on behalf of the safety and wellbeing of others. I want society to be structured around my preferences, and I don’t care about the consequences that stem from that preference.”


I found the booze example more interesting than chocolate, and raise you Cannabis sativa L. . I am quite certain that everyone would give up the idea of legally getting stoned if it stopped people getting shot.

No sarcasm. And please, everyone, don’t try to argue about Cannabis now. I just used it as an example people get very excited about.


None of this is wrong. Not even the otherwise-overbroad use of “he”.




Have people forgotten about this thread?


One of my regular hobbies is archery, which is about as close to sport shooting as you can get without involving actual firearms. I even got the family into it.

If tens of thousands of Americans died of arrow wounds each year and the news was regularly filled with tragic mass murders in which a single archer was able to take down dozens of innocent victims then I honestly can’t imagine I’d want to do it anymore, let alone keep an archery set in the home I share with my children. Even if I convinced myself that I was one of the “good guys with a bow” the taint of mass murder would take all the fun out of it.


Can confirm, good guys with bows can carry taint of mass murder.

Oh come now. The Dukes may have been white supremacist criminals but they hardly ever murdered more than one person at a time.


It makes no real difference to the overall horror, but I’ve read that the white supremacist terrorist group leader has now said he was mistaken in saying Nikolas Cruz trained with and participated in the group.

If you can’t take a racist bigot and anti-semite at his word, who can you trust? /s


I’m using it. I have no need of it. I feel my fellow citizens generally incapable of the level of responsibility for us to have that right as it stands. Gun collecting needs to be a privilege (while ownership of a firearm remains a right).

You can help see it done rationally, or fight tooth and nail until your voice isn’t around to influence the change - but this is a matter of when and not if.



Just heard a news person speaking about the NRA and semiotic rifles.

Truer words…


The dumpster didn’t even wait a few minutes - https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-shooting-students_us_5a8591f9e4b0ab6daf468ba3


Remember folks, see something, say something.



That 30MM military parade fund would make great seed money for a high-capacity-magazine buyback program, when we’ve banned those from civilian (including civilian law enforcement) use.


See I disagree. If people were willing to give up cannabis to stop other people from getting shot, then why has a black market for cannabis that is connected to violent organized crime flourished? Obviously people were willing to set that aside in their minds to get their weed.

Of course in the case of cannabis, the people-getting-shot problem stems from the illegality, so legalizing it is actually the solution.

People need something in their lives to make them feel better. Some assholes people seem to be able to enjoy life by staying in shape and spending time with their kids, but even most of them probably have a hobby. If an object or an activity or a substance is satisfying an emotional need then you are going to resist giving it up. And if other people point out it’s harmful then users will find a way to rationalize why it’s probably not harmful.

I’d have a lot of compassion for someone who said, “The idea of giving up my guns is painful to me.” I actually do wonder how effective a gun ban would be in America because many American’s seem to be emotionally attached to firearms. Maybe it would hugely expand the black market for guns and thereby fund organized crime and cause more violence than it would stop.

That’s a difficult policy question. It’s a question I never see anyone grappling with because there’s no engagement. Maybe most people who are attached to guns would be just as happy if they kept their guns at a range. Maybe registration and insurance (similar to cars) would be something people could live with. Maybe the people who are so busy telling us that an AR-15 is not an assault weapon/machine gun/whatever could use their expertise to help make workable rules instead of dismissing every option as unworkable.

But “you can’t infringe on my liberties to save other people’s lives” is bullshit. Of course we can. Check out the criminal law against murder. The pressure to do something is building up like a earthquake, and people who like guns are really, really not going to like it when the quake happens.


It’s not overbroad in this case, since almost all mass shooters are men.


Yep, that’s why I said it was otherwise-overbroad. :slight_smile: