#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")


Ever see a comment you thought deserved way more likes than you could give? Go ahead and nominate it here. Then, go and like all the nominated posts above yours. And the next time you see an awesome, incredible, too perfect for this board comment, come on back and do it all over again.

Together we can give everyone the Great Reply they deserve.

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How You Like Ur Likes?










Okay, @Snowlark’s request is on nine likes (I gave); already liked @monkeyoh’s request; and I believe I liked @fiddlingfrog’s request.


Awesome. I’m liking the request posts in this thread to mark off which ones I’ve already liked.


I think I already liked the ones above, but I’ll double-check. (If you check my stats, you’d see that I’m a bit promiscuous with the likes. Embarrassingly so.)


Raises hand in solidarity and looks around sheepishly…


Well, I was fighting for myself as well as for you! :wink:


I might…have a problem in that area too…

And thanks for all the likes upthread. I is badged! :slight_smile:




Took care of it.


Already liked it. Anyone else?