💇 Grooming! Tips, tricks, do's, and do nots! (there is no try!)🐸

If you still have dandruff and itchy scalp after trying everything from all-natural-woo cleansers to scalp treatments to baby shampoo to prescription shampoos to no shampoo and you’ve eliminated headwear from your wardrobe, it’s time to consider the possibility that your scalp is a prima donna and requires a ridiculously hypoallergenic shampoo like Free & Clear.

This worked for me. If it doesn’t work for you…I dunno, I guess just reconcile yourself to the apparent fact that your scalp hates itself, hates you, and hates anything more chemically active than water.


Have you seen my hair?


I am long waisted, so all the low-rise “fashion” cuts fit me perfectly and all the standard cuts like Lee or Levis do not. I am a-feared that the current “high-waist” trend will eradicate my sources of pants that fit… then I’ll be back to wearing the unisex jeans from HotTopic. (Seriously, for $20-$40 a pop they’re pretty good, so long as you one want black).

Can we talk about old lady concerns like Retinol in here? Cuz I have recommends!


One recommendation from the world of textured hair: use conditioner but DON’T rinse it out (or only rinse it out a little).


Hot Tip: Skip shaving for a week or two. When you are ready to take it all back off, a Lemmy is the facial do most guaranteed to freak out your wife. Important - don’t leave her hanging for more than an hour before taking the rest of it off.


Well, except that time I was doing a #2 buzzcut and the guard popped off the clipper in midstroke. I had to go to a barber and get a mohawk to fix that one.

True story: Last time I went to a barber, I said “I’m going to force my way into a corporate CEO’s office today and threaten him with legal action. Please give me a haircut that makes me look like the kind of wealthy lawyer who would cheerfully murder his own grandmother for a nickel of profit.” Apparently she did a good job, as several people told me I was absolutely terrifying in that haircut and a $300 suit. :slight_smile:


Still laughing over here.


That is my standard haircut.


I’ve got something between 2C/3A curls, but very fine white-girl hair. Too much product makes me super stringy.

I shower more or less daily, but only shampoo every 2-3 days. I tried going no-poo but my scalp was so itchy after a week I wanted to die. So rinse and condition every day, comb it wet with a wide-tooth comb and add my current product which is this, and then I try not to touch my hair for the next hour. Preferably I’d let it air-dry all the way, but here in Seattle that means it doesn’t get totally dry until like 3pm. I really hate blow-drying. It’s so boring.


Fine. FINE. I’ll put on pants. I have a tendency toward being a hermit, and on many days that doesn’t involve being sufficiently dressed to greet anyone who doesn’t actually live with me.

I see your point, though. Depression and never-leaving-the-house can become a vicious circle.


Another reason to lose a little more weight and waistline so I can fit in my Utilikilts again.


I’m too lazy these days.

Rarely see anyone else from my team as I work at a different site, so I shave about once a fortnight (which looks awful but I am not especially hirsute - to put it mildly). At least the ginger bits in the beard have mostly gone away, but largely because they’ve been replaced by white ones.

I don’t like haircuts (or the cost thereof and the time spent there at least), so I don’t get my hair cut as frequently as I should either.

Basically, I’m a slob.


That makes me happy too. :slight_smile:

Here’s another 2 rules of good grooming that probably should have been obvious.

Do not let a 3-year-old apply your sunscreen. Unless you like having a 3-year-old’s handprint scarred into your back for the next five years.

Do not let anyone under 8 years old cut your hair unless you plan to cut it again, very short, very shortly thereafter.

Edit: my daughter hates it when I mention those incidents.


Even when I was doing the telecommute thing all the time I would keep groomed. Didn’t get out of my jammies right away after the kid was going to the bus on his own. But by 9 am it was break time so I would have a shower and get dressed for the day.

Shaving, well MrsTobinL won’t give me smooches if I don’t and buzz cuts are cheap and fast.


Represent sister. I’ve got everything from 2A to 3B on my crazy head, and it’s baby fine to boot. I’ve never been able to understand how hair can somehow be curly, limp, and frizzy all at the same time. sigh.


I am blessed to only need to shampoo every five or six days. The rest of the time it’s just water, and when I used shampoo it’s a tiny amount. Otherwise I dry out like old flaky leather.


Same over here, I last even longer 7/8 day’s, no water in between. Otherwise flakes all over.
But I need to tell I have very long hair, straight, thick, not that many hears, but each hair is very thick. With very long I mean a way beyond the buttocks length.

The head hair is a good story. The rest of the body hair not that much. And with that I’m talking about the story, not about the hair. :wink:


Same here, at least in the summer. In the winter I let it grow in a bit. I don’t have all that much left anyway. My receding hairline and my bald spot are perilously close to meeting.

Summer haircut day is glorious at our house. RatWoman lines me and the boys up outdoors and goes at us with the power clipper like a Marine Corps barber on speed. Even the dogs run and hide.


I go to a place run by some Vietnamese women as they give the kid a good cut and I usually get a cut as well while am there. $12 a cut is nice and they do good work. If it is just me I try to go to Rudy’s and I get it cut by tattooed punk rock ladies for $15.

Which is pretty much the same reason I get it cut that way…

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Free and Clear shampoo–yes yes yes. I don’t have dandruff but my body is sensitive to everything in the world and this is the only shampoo I’ve found that I can use without getting a skin reaction. I also use their Vanicream lotion.