Mundane activities made amazing by performing them in reverse

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I’m un-reading this topic right now, was it amazing?


The whole channel is great. I love Dine and Dash Prevented at a Fruit Restaurant.


Having made several “backwards” films in the past, I can say that making these things is more fun that watching them.

That being said, it’s a great way to engage kids in the process.

We had the grandkids for the weekend and they were “bored” so we went out and made a movie.
Basically it was just them apparently jumping impossibly high and landing on narrow ledges/fences/playground equipment…

Of course they started up high and just jumped off to the ground, but once reversed, they looked impressive.
Also important was letting them see what they looked like reversed and how important it was to land correctly and do things they normally would not.

We didn’t get into the “attacks and decays” of speech patterns but those exist to some extent in movement so it was interesting to see who “got it” when they were performing their little stunts.

They ended up watching the finished movie only once or twice, but the process of creating it was the whole point.


Of course, there’s always Red Dwarf “Backwards” from 1989…

The fight - Red Dwarf - BBC comedy

and reversed:

Red Dwarf Extras Season 03 Extra 02 - Backwards - Forwards

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.ɘlyƚƨ ni ʞɔɒd ɘmoɔ oƚ ǫnioǫ ƨi ɘʞil uoy muǫ ƚɒʜT

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Reverse entropy is definitely amazing.

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