Mur Lafferty's "Shambling Guide to NYC" is coming to Netflix!


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moving with a slow, shuffling, awkward gait.
“a big, shambling, shy man”


Great! Loved the novel, very funny and cool.

Also, extra points for Netflix.


And “Ghost Train to New Orleans” is a great followup!


I really enjoed the two Shambling Guides that have come out so far, and I thank @doctorow for Introducing me to Mur Lafferty’s work.


I hope that the renewed attention to the series means we’ll get another volume sooner rather than later. I felt that the two books so far really rushed Zoe through her hero’s journey and I’m at a loss for where the series could take her next, but that’s why we leave the writing up to Lafferty.

I also hope that the movie handles the scene at the incubus club better than the actual book did. That part threw me out of the narrative hard and I found it difficult to get back into the book as deeply as I was before it.


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