Murphy the bald eagle and his adopted eaglet continue to bond well

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So glad Murphy finally got to be the papa eagle he was trying to be.


But, but, a 'Murrican eagle family is a male and female bald eagle and their little eaglet! /s


Papa Best Dad GIF


Hey, he’s a single dad who adopted an orphan. He’s The Mandalorian of eagles


This is great. Programs like this will help keep the numbers of bald eagles up in the wild.

At the Citizen Potawatomi Aviary, most of their birds can’t fly, but two of them paired up and made a nest. Several years ago they were given an egg to care for from a zoo and hatched a hawk IIRC.

Then they actually laid an egg one year but it didn’t hatch. A year or so later they did have another egg, a rather small one, and this time it did hatch! And was a male they named Mko Kno and they released him back into the wild eventually! (This caused a kerfuffle with the OK Wildlife Dept, as they were not licensed to have an eagle egg - but they got an emergency one.)

They keep trying, and have another egg this year, but so far they haven’t had one that has been fertile.

I’d link to articles about this, but Shawnee, OK was hit by some wild storms and tornadoes last night and all of the CPN sites are down right now. :confused:


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