Museum of Failure: where product flops can finally shine

The Arch Deluxe was, and still remains, the best Hamburger McDonalds ever made.

And no mention of McPizza?

For some reason the McDonalds in Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada seemed to have McPizza for years after it was gone everywhere else. I wonder if they were just using up the ingredients that had nowhere else to go anymore.

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I remember reading about the marketing concept for the Arch Deluxe when it first came out. They wanted to shed the ‘McDonald’s is for kids’ image that the chain had, so they needed to market a product to adults. But, of course, when they tested slogans like ‘The burger for adults only’ everyone assumed they were selling a porno-burger. So eventually they settled on the weird phrase ‘grown-up’ because it didn’t have any existing seedy connotations.

And then someone at Arby’s was all “Hm… porno-burger, eh?”

The Arch Deluxe wasn’t a failure if you’re Barry White.

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