Music: "A Rockstar Bucks a Coffee Shop," Neil Young + Promise Of The Real (2015)

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Love Neil Young, and love the sense of humor here.

But I am bummed he is sliding into incoherence. Of all the really important targets to go after, why genetic engineering? Does he really think GE technology is the biggest problem facing farmers?

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i get the sense he’s more concerned about large companies who don’t want us to know what they’re feeding us, modified or otherwise; who want to control what can be legally grown for their own profit with very little interest in what’s good for the humans who have to eat the stuff. Keeping in mind this is the same company that made Agent Orange for melting the vietnamese. So whether it’s one of Neil’s best tunes or not, I’m glad he’s trying to make the point. (‘monsanto’ turns out to be a surprisingly pretty word when harmonized… is that a good thing?)

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