Music: "Come and Get Your Love," Redbone (1974)


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One hit wonders? Or did they have any others that climbed to the top of the charts?


As Wikipedia says, “Redbone achieved hits with their singles “The Witch Queen of New Orleans” and “Maggie” predominately overseas.”

Also, “Redbone is known and accredited in the NY Smithsonian as the first Native American rock group to have a #1 single internationally and in the United States.”

If this video is any indication, they must have put on a hell of a show.


Wow, I grew up on this song as well as Witch Queen and never knew they were a Native American band.


Great live performance, and pretty clear they’re not lip-synching the way shows usually did in that era. Star-Lord would approve.

(Don’t know how, but I’d somehow managed to go through 42 years of life without recalling ever once hearing this great song before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Just something to thank that movie for, I guess.)


The Midnight Special and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert were both great shows that featured live music at the time. The producers did not want the usual lip-sync of other shows.


That was an awesome jam!


Never knew those guys were Indians. So cool to see them perform and represent. Thanks for posting.


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