Watch Native American rock band Redbone perform “Come out and get your love” (1974)

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Awesome song, awesome band!


From Brown N Proud LA comes this repost video of Redbone

What I think repost means there:


Kinda obligatory. Reservation Dogs tribute to Redbone.


To the BB contributor: It’s “Come And Get Your Love”.

Come Out And Get Your Love” has somewhat different connotations. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


What a shame BBContributors don’t get @ handles, so we can tell them directly.

And let’s not forget the Witch Queen. There are a few live versions on YT, none quite as good as the above in live performance terms, but …


I was just thinking that when wondering how to reply here. I can understand if some contributors want to be anonymous, but why not assign them a handle like “BBContributor#9”? The handle could be temporarily assigned and expire with the topic, so the contributor is not bombarded with DMs forever.


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This so takes me back to K-Tel records of the 70’s. I don’t know if this song was on one of them; more the vibe than anything.


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It’s interesting that some BB contributors do get handles and others don’t. If there were an @editor handle, we could at least notify someone of obvious errors an author might wish to correct if we were able to draw it to the author’s attention. Like the one here:

I guess all that’s left is to @ orenwolf or beschizza if it seems important enough.

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Sadly, it wasn’t until I saw this episode of this awesome show that I was aware of the provenance of this awesome song.

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Is someone reading my Facebook timeline because this popped up yesterday in my feed.

In 1970. I was in D.C. for an anti-war protest at the Capitol. Lots of music, speeches, and chanting to rev up the folks. Later that evening, there was more of that at the Washington Monument. That’s where I heard Redbone play live for the first time. They raised the energy level of a crowd that was already running high to a point I have rarely experienced. Hell of a weekend. Even the cops were peaceful. Snotty, but peaceful.


Haha, it absolutely was, and that’s the only reason I knew of this song before GotG. I feel like I could name most of the songs on the one this was on.

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I actually heard this song for the very first time as the opening theme to F is for Family. It was love at first hear.

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