People mostly ignored this 1970 Vashti Bunyan album but it’s gained a large following over the years

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Animal Collective were really instrumental in reintroducing her work to the world.


KVRE in Santa Rosa, California played this often, that’s how I came by it, but that was the mid 70’s Man.


The AMSR crowd would have orgasms listening to this.


That’s cool, never heard of this album. At least people didn’t assume she was dead like Sixto Rodriguez

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Thank you

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I started up the video and both of my cats came into the room, sat down and made blinky faces while listening. So a rousing endorsement from the feline contingent of my house. I think it sounds lovely as well.


Joe Boyd managed to find himself in the right place at the right time and helped a lot of musicians I love, Fairport, Nick Drake, early Pink Floyd, and this album (the cd issue has bonus early tracks that are beautiful.)


also did REM’s Fables of the Reconstruction some years later.

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And Billy Bragg’s “Worker’s Playtime.”

It was only recently that I learned he was the guy behind Hannibal Records, that put out a lot of albums I love.

Back in 69 and 70 I bought anything I saw with Joe Boyd and John Wood’s names on it. This one slipped past me. [The Dr. Strangely Strange albums too…also worthwhile]

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