"Weird" albums that Rolling Stone dug in the 1970s


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To my delight, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band is on Apple Music / Beats / etc, and is a ton of fun to listen to.


Here’s a list of 10 “Weird” albums that Rolling Stone dug in the 1980s:


Ohh. . . I think there are plenty of happy mutants here that know many of these albums. I own (or once owned) half of them, and am semi-familiar with the others.


Your voice is like a long fart
that’s music to your brain.


Why, thank you.


I know these. Church of Anthrax was awesome.


Your fanny’s like two sperm whales,
Floating down the Seine…

Is it not s long fuck? I think I prefer fart.

Funnily enough spotify put a playlist of suggested music on my playlists this morning and theme de yo yo was on it.

I was quite surprised that there were some records on this that I didn’t know, and don’t know the artists (particularly a couple of solo male singers). A few of them, I don’t really consider obscur AAoC, Cale and Riley, and (it’s definitely long fuck, she just sang it again) Tonto. Who despite what Rolling stone say were not Moog exclusivists.
I must have a listen to the Byrd one to see how it compares to the Residents great American composers Souza/Williams. Though to tell the truth I really only liked the Hank Williams side of that.


Probably the greatest album to have ever sailed silently by, unnoticed. Circa 1970.
Portions of the Southern hemisphere marvelled at it for generations though, with its unknown captain chart-less at the helm.


I’ve been a huge fan of David Ackles for years. “American Gothic” is definitely amazing. Though I wouldn’t ever call it “weird.”


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