Music for DOS: lo-fi album by Simon Stålenhag

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ok…so now we have the concept art and the soundtrack…I can only hope we’re working up to a surreal, poetic open-world exploration game.


Listening to this now, and has exactly the same ambiance as the paintings. I love it!

And a roleplaying game! And soon a TV series from Amazon!

Apparently there is a game company that is making a game that looks and feels waaaay too much like Simon’s Retro-Sci-fy Sweden. Like “Dude, that’s clearly a rip-off and no one told Simon about that” too much.

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I’m slowly piecing together the parts I need to compose music using a combination of a tracker, Pocket Operators and some basic MIDI stuff that’s really just for syncing and a half-decent piano sound. This is still a perfectly valid way of making cool stuff.

Also, keep an eye on Groupees if you like retro music.

According to the Kickstarter for the Tales from the Loop RPG Simon is allowing use of paintings from his book and providing unreleased works as well. Is there another similar RPG in the works?

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