Lo-Fi Let's Play: LOOM


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Great game. It’s interesting to see the original version-- I’ve only played the (excellent) CD-ROM version.

I played LOOM on an Amiga 500. It was amazing.

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Loom is one of the game I remember the most. I loved the idea of using The Swan Lake as the main soundtrack and the gameplay is so, so simple and elegant. The game has a sort of soothing, poetic rhythm that I’ve seen rarely in games.
Plus, it compelled me to watch a Swan Lake ballet performance, a thing that I’m so glad I have done.

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That postmortem was stunning, one of my favourite sessions from GDC. I have to admit I was a huge adventure game fan but this one passed me by. Playing the original EGA version (so much nicer) but I bought the GOG version to assuage my piracy guilt. ScummVM 3x all other settings default seems to be the best way to play.

Really enjoying it so far. The weaving mechanic is magical, and the reversing of weaves so cool. Had to restart because I don’t have the ear for Expert mode.

As a side note I was really pissed with Sierra mocking Loom in Space Quest. The whole tearing apart of Loom by the hardcore fans just made me rankled.

This was the game I’ve had stuck in (the back recesses of) my mind for the past umpteen years. Couldn’t remember the name of it though. Glad I can play it again!

But when is this one being released?


Looking at this and some of the other games at GoG I do wonder what portion of their customers have already paid previously for the games they buy. I owned Loom and am tempted to buy it. I bought a number of the other games back when they were current and I am tempted to get some of them. I may even have them around is the deep dark corners of the house but it is likely easier to give them money than to find the codes, disks and see if they can be installed on my current OS.

If you had the ear, you could play it in expert mode, which promised a new ending. I’m more towards the tonedeaf end of the spectrum, though, so I never was able to see them. I played it on the mac.

Screenshots from the FM towns version, in “VGA”. The FM towns really does sound like it was the cat’s pajamas.

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I don’t see why you’d be pissed at Sierra… Space Quest mocked everything.


This was Lucasarts’ rejoinder to Sierra:


Oh pshaw. Loom could take the joke.

Monkey Island also did a bit of a piss take on Loom as well.

bonus scene for expert players, apparently.



The Turbo grafx-16 version seems like the best compromise between original EGA and some upressing. Also checking out in this video it doesn’t seem to be censored like all the other versions.

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Also, “I’m Bobbin… Are you my mother?”

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shocked this is the only post on BB tagged ASMR. Also Loom is great but man was it hard to play if you are tone deaf, thank god for easy mode. No surprise the guy who did Wishbringer made this.

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This makes me nostalgic for beautifully made, single player PC adventure games released on physical media. I know that Telltale releases episodic adventure games for download, but CD adventure games that I bought in the 90s (specifically Lucasarts and Sierra adventures) can never be taken away from me and their “servers” will never be shut down. And through emulators such as ScummVM I can upload the data to whatever system (currently an Android tablet), and relive these great stories and possibly even share them with my children.

I also recently replayed Loom in the past year, and it rekindled the disappointment I felt that Loom was never continued to two more games as planned. The CD version included voice acting and recorded chamber music that blew my mind as a kid. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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