Music: "I Can't Dance," Genesis (1992)


Required rebuttal:


Not that any of them look particularly graceful, but I love how awkward Tony Banks looks during the walking sequences.

1992 seems like an eternity gone, but I can assure you that everyone was rolling their eyes when this thing debuted. The reek of a long passed sell-by date was immediately apparent.


Sure, that’s why it hit #7 on the charts. It was a hit when it was released, no matter what your memories tell you.


“I used to be a great drummer! Now I’m nothing! Just like Phil Collins!” – Bart Simpson


At least, when ‘I Can’t Dance’ pops on the radio, there is the small but notable relief that it’s not ‘In the Air Tonight’. It seems ‘classic rock’ radio stations are intent on playing it every 15 minutes for some reason. I have never once sought out that blasted song and yet I know it so well, it randomly pops in my head in its entirety, in surround sound quality… da-DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM DUM DUM Uuuugh! You can’t escape or un-hear it; it sneaks up on you everywhere. It’s the goddamn Papyrus of songs.

Homer: You know what? Apu leaving is the best thing that ever happened to this band. We’re gonna be like Genesis after Peter Gabriel left.
Bart: You mean more popular but not as good?


“Gater’s getting close, hasn’t got me yet”

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Can’t, or won’t?

(also serves as ear-clearing musical antidote to Genesis)

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It’s good and all, but I was kinda hoping for a metal cover of that song from the movie Roberta. It’s screaming for a double-kick-drum-solo over the tap dancing parts


This was just after Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video, hence the strange Phil Collins dancing bit at the end, which is send-up of the section at the end of the Michael Jackson video.

I remember when this came out, I had it on video and would play it for friends when they came over. I thought it was p*ss funny.

Friends stopped coming 'round…

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