Music: "If I Only Had A Brain," MC 900 Ft. Jesus (1994)



I love this classic song. I’m not sure if this was the first instance of “nerd core” or “nerdy hip hop”, but it was one of the first rap songs I encountered that totally up-ended my perception of the genre’s possibilities (along with Dr. Octagon). Thanks for the trip back to memory lane!


MC 900 ft Jesus was woefully under appreciated in his time. I saw him live in Boston at the Paradise, and it was one of the best shows I ever saw, especially because of DJ Zero.


It had to be done, the Beavis and Butthead appearance:

“everyone has a little secret he keeps
i light the fires while the city sleeps”


I saw him- with live band backing- at Sankey’s Soap in Manchester ( UK ) in 94; a great performer, and a real way with words.

Dallas punk represent! I remember him from the 80s scene in Texas.

I still have a MC 900 Ft t-shirt!

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The truth is out of style

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Man, thanks for sharing that. I loved that song (and that album) when it came out and had 100% completely entirely holistically forgotten about it over the twenty intervening years. I think I first heard it when checking the CD out at the local library. That was, for those too young to remember, a really wonderful source for exploring new music and catching up on the classics.

Makes me wonder how much else I’ve forgotten.

Great song, and also one of Spike Jonze’s early music videos!

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