Music: "Joyride," Roxette (1991)


Trying to get wherever you’re going fast to make it stop?


first album I ever purchased

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I do not know. I have a post WAITING on great SciFi themes to drive and motorcycle to – but this stuff is just odd. Maybe the 6k bpm and chattering like the chipmunks does it?

Strangely, I find both Roxette and Aqua great music for driving really fast.

Just what kind of engine do you have in the microbus?

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2.3L GoWesty. It is certainly the slowest of my vehicles but is still a blast to drive. Wider (16.5") low-profile wheels make a huge difference.

Going to brave the Grapevine, again, shortly… that was where all my trouble began last time.

Someone should do a speed metal cover of this.

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Ah, childhood memories. Always loved Roxette. Less so Aqua. And I was 14 when Barbie Girl came out.



Seriously, you have this uncanny ability to turn any thread into a discussion of VW microbus engines. It’s far better than my paltry ability to bring up references to dongs.

DUDE HE ASKED. Engineering perfection.


Still one of the best bands out there. For US fans, they have a ton of albums not released here, make yourself happy and search them out.

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