Music: "Spicks and Specks," The Bee Gees (1966)

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The girl that I loved, she is gone.
She is gone.

I have loved this song ever since I was a little kid. Genius in its simplicity.

Here’s the official video.

Barry has lost all three of his younger brothers. RIP Maurice, Robin and Andy.
Their first TV appearance.

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There was a time we liked the early Bee Gees almost as much as the Beatles. Little did we know disco was about to happen.

More respect for the disco BeeGees


They’re such a good band. Honest.

It is fun to remember pre-disco anything.

Also post-disco anything.

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As an Australian it’s really hard to hear this without reminiscing about the departed TV show of the same name (with the same theme song).


The East German band Puhdys was highly influenced by this song musically when they wrote one of their most famous songs “Wenn ein Mensch lebt”, which was featured in the classic movie The Legend of Paul and Paula.

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Discovering the Beatlesque, pre-disco Bee Gees was a mind-blowing experience.

Maybe the best thing evinced there is that it was okay to have “bad” teeth back then.

Came here for this. Adam, Myf and Alan forever.

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