Music: "White Lines," Melle Mel (1983)




I thought this was by Melle Mel.


My other favorite version:


Correct! From Wikipedia-

When originally released on Sugarhill, the record was credited to Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel (some international issues also carried the same credit). This was done to mislead the general public into believing that Grandmaster Flash participated on the record, when in fact he played no part and had already left the Sugar Hill Records label the previous year.


Yes, I fixed it.


Thank you.


Honestly, I had no clue all these years until they brought it up!


Me neither! I didn’t know till Pesco told me!


This was clearly covered in a Hip Hop Family Tree comic.


I do not remember everything I have ever read. I also occasionally remember things inaccurately. I am OK with this, other people do not have to be.


I did not mean to sound accusatory at all! Sorry if I came off that way. We all are as you say.


Just me making a bad assumption, sorry. You rule and Eds comic is the greatest.


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