Music: "Wishing Well," Terence Trent D'Arby (1987)




There is a Lee Scratch Perry remix of this track… oh yeah.


I always liked him. I Wikipediaed him and it turns out he has a new name now, Sananda Maitreya, and records under that these days. I’m going to have to look up his new stuff.’Arby


Link, please? Video? Soundcloud?



Me too. Bubblegum pop to be sure, but good in the way that “Stop the love you save” was good.


“Squeeze” - plus even more soulful vocals…


so, what happened? perfect singing, dancing, handsome as hell; why was he only a thing for a few years? industry bullshit or was he on that dope? certainly got the frame of a boy-addict.


I think his work got more eccentric and less easily accessible.


He may have been bigger than the Beatles tho.


Oh yeah, I forgot. He did have a huge ego, didn’t he?

#12 @ChuckV @jlw

and the more illuminating interview:

Seems like a guy who does not play well with others.


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