Music: "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," Dead Or Alive (1985)

Even back in the 80s, MTV rarely played the stuff I liked, except in the wee hours. Most of it was too poppy for me. Cabs are some of that vintage I still like listening to even years later.

If you want to imagine I am young I will gladly let you.


People were already doing that the minute it came out.


As a result of that comment I now have “Love is a Stranger” stuck in my head.

Would it surprise you to know that the lead singer was married to a hairdresser?


Not bad for a video that must’ve had a budget of $50.

Now for sheer 80s WTF?!? music videos it’s hard to top “Total Eclipse of the Heart”; note how there are dancing ninjas at around 1:15 just for starters.

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80s - check.
Arty pop video that takes itself a bit too seriously - check.
Kinda neat song by a band that’s firmly in “where are they now” dept. - check,

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That episode cracked me up. Also, watch The Goldbergs with A-Team theme.

Little known fact, the guitarist for this band was involved in a Ponzi scheme that had to do with radium deposits on the moon and wound up being partially eaten by cannibals in French Guiana in the 90’s.

Fun fact: Wayne Hussey was guitarist with Dead or Alive before joining The Sisters of Mercy.

“This Corrosion” is supposedly a tirade against his (and Craig Adams’) decision to leave the Sisters and form The Mission.

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You sure you’re not thinking of Andy Cox?

I love the song (seriously), but why is the video awesome? Duran Duran, Toto, Flock of Seagulls all did it better (my point being that I appreciate the “I’m staring at the camera like I’m staring at you while the band does crazy stuff in the background because I think you’re sexy and you’re going to come back to my place and have sex with my because I’m irresistable” genre of music videos, I just didn’t think this one was that good).

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Being too young could be preferable to being stuck in the 80s :wink: . Most of us who are old enough remember all these videos already. Most of those too young to remember don’t care.

What I <3 about the 80’s videos is that they all look like someone shot them in someone’s garage, then in editing they fiddled with a few cheesy effects and added a lot of quick cuts. And Boom! instant hit video! I mean, is that toilet paper they are wrapped in?

Before there were any production values on the videos, or anyone with a modicum of film making experience involved, there were just these home grown things that really changed the aesthetic of film. Remember when the movies started doing the quick cuts, too, and using music in the same way these videos did?

I felt like it was a time of artistic innovation; very exciting. The only other time I’ve felt a similar vibe was in the mid-90’s when there were suddenly a lot of women rockers on the air (Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow) as well as all the Nirvana wanna be’s 90’s grunge stuff. I felt like there was a similar bottom up vibe, of artists breaking through despite the music industry’s attempt at control.

My ultimate 80’s video - and they just restored it in HD!


If you think we don’t need these videos on Boing Boing you should not post them.


Your 80’s videos are just… adorable, really. I could pinch their cheeks.


Knight Rider.

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So glad I was young enough in the 80’s that I am completely not culpable.

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