Music: "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," Dead Or Alive (1985)

Now that I’ve watched it again, I remember why I hated it soooo much. The chorus gets in your head like nothing else and slow drives you mad. And I was feeling so much better.

There I was speaking less to the necessity of posting bad 80s and 90s pop and more to a possible explanation for abhayakara’s comment that seemed to elude you. I can ignore bad bop as easily today as I could in the 80s but while Dead or Alive didn’t invent flamboyant men prancing around to bad dance music Army of Lovers may have perfected it.

everything old is new again.

everything old is new again, again.

Erasure… covering ABBA:

Pet Shop Boys…:

But Depeche Mode had the coolest videos in the late 80s/early 90s, hands down:

Or maybe the Cure:


I remember it being in pretty heavy rotation, at least on 120 Minutes. In fall 1987, it seems like all they showed were this video, “True Faith” and “Lips Like Sugar”.


What decade was it again?


thanks for this thread. i am very old.


I was about to suggest, this or just about anything else by Mr. Gabriel.

This was an early favorite (i.e. early after we got cable). I only remember seeing it on MTV once, and it was another 3 years before I heard of Trio again. Today’s the first time I’ve been able to find it on the web for a while.

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There is also



What’s more 1980s and 1984?

Do you remember when they were on Solid Gold? It would’ve been late 1981. Madame interviewed W.O.W. I never really heard The Plasmatics after that; it was one of those bands I only heard/read about.

I’ll be d**ned, they’re the guys behind Da Da Da:

Love that minimalist-y thing


Ew, such cringe.

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So bad it’s good?

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Precisely why I tend to avoid pop music! Music which is complex enough to require some analysis is less likely to automatically trigger annoying associations. For my ex, all I had to do was use the nickname “Monchichi” before they were lost in loops if unbidden advertising memories. Does having something “stuck in your head” sound anything like a pleasant experience? It can be difficult to understand some people.

Depends on the song… if, say, a Cure or Joy Diviison song is stuck in my head, I’m unlikely to be put out. But if a Miley Cyrus song gets a hold… or god forbid, Lee Greenwood (ugh)…

Not all pop is bad! :wink:

They used the Casio VL1 for the rhythm. No really. Either the ‘rock2’ or ‘beguine’ preset IIRC.

I used to own one. Found an emulator a while back too.


Which brings us to another cross-decade cover that… just… I dunno… kinda RULEZ, somehow…

As for the OP, I’ve been planning for years to cobble together a dance-metal cover of You Spin Me Round. It would so kick ass.


I’d prefer to hear a dance-metal cover of ‘It’s Been A Long Time’. That track was proper kick-ass.

And what? 80s music talk and no Frankie? Or Foreigner?