Musician blacklisted from music stores by his own online distributor

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Yup. Been there - I’m told I can’t monetize YouTube videos of my own songs because CDBaby has someone already selling CD’s of them. The fact that that someone is me is of no interest to the CeaseAndDesistBots to whom this job has been entrusted, and no human has responded in any way to my entreaties.


From Jordan’s Wikipedia page:

Jordan has spoken extensively on issues of net neutrality, free speech, and copyright laws in the music world. In an interview with TorrentFreak, he encourages involvement in these issues and warns against corporations like Amazon or iTunes and their ability to stem the free flow of information.

So I’m going to put my money on “not an accidental blacklisting”.


I had the same issue with Tiktok. I made a music video for a song and tried to upload a portion of it to Tiktok and it was immediately taken down because of a copywrite strike because I had already uploaded the song to Distrokid. I wasn’t even monetizing the tiktok video.


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