Musician creates oddly heartfelt songs out of bizarre topics

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See also: Ed Wood.

We had a guy that used to play an open mic I frequented years ago. He was NOT good, but he just exuded so much absolute joy on stage that he was one of everyone’s favorite performers.


I’m sorry, but The Room doesn’t have an ounce of sincerity in it- it’s a vanity project that’s only message is “Tommy is wonderful and everyone else sucks”. Tommy Wiseau is no Neil Breen.

My favorite Hot Dad song is “Sucking on my Tendies”

it is unironically a great song

Also, because I have to, I must pitch my favorite song in the world about fast food. I swear to god it’s incredible please listen to it

Liquid Meat Into a Form - The Service Industry

Edit: please please make it to the chorus!


I’m not sure what “Tommy Wiseau is not Neil Breen” means. I’ve barely seen his stuff but isn’t he essentially Jesus in half of his movies?

Breen is self-obsessed, incompetent to the point of hilarity, and painfully earnest. His movies have a message- generally not a useful message, but a message.

the room bad movies GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

Thank you for your tendies, may I have another?


Obligatory, best Christmas song link (ever, also by Hot Dad):

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