Musk threatens advertisers as his platform spirals downward

Except that he’s not. If he wanted to kill Twitter, he could just turn it off. He’d look like an asshole if he did, but not an idiot asshole. Turn it off, mismanage it into the ground, it’s all the same to his creditors.

No, he’s trying to make it work, but for the first time in his life he doesn’t have a team of competent people in the background running things and truly wanting to succeed.


I think he keeps failing to understand that he can wreck twitter. He loves it for the lulz and the attention and can’t imagine giving them up. And no matter how often he is shown that the rest of the world is not like that, he keeps acting like in the end everyone will have to accept all his bullshit because it’s the only way to stay on twitter the way they need. I know it’s a lot to believe someone could be that thick and delusional but, I mean, tell me it doesn’t explain everything.


Nothing says “genius business man” like threatening your customers. :joy:


nonono; the plot of that was to make brewster spend $30 million in 30 day in order to inherit ten times that amount. This is just pissing away money for no good reason at all.


I’m swiping that.


$1000 a month buys a lot of google ad impressions. I think the only ones who woukd do this are the ones who think Google is too “woke” because it returns Wikipedia facts when searching for conspiracy theory shit.


elno homer stupid


One of my favorite little tidbits I saw about the checkmark fiasco was when Stephen King’s stayed intact, and he didn’t want it, the assumption being that he was given one to look like he supported Musk. The checkmark is now so undesirable that giving one to somebody can be used as a threat.


It’s not an assumption. Musk took credit for giving him the check.


He started with exactly that, and he immediately fired all of them.

Non-sycophantic engineers are a lot less mobile in the rocket and aerospace industries. There’s just not enough rocket companies to hire all the engineers who want to be in the rocket biz. Same with cars. But the software world is vast. Want to change jobs? There’s already a recruiter’s offer clogging your spam filter today.

Again, something you’d think the smartest billionaire on the planet would know. And again you’d lose that bet, because he is developmentally still a child who cannot recognize people who are Not Elon, let alone empathize with them.


Yet he gets into a twist when criticized.


Pretty soon all Twitter ads are gonna be the Fox News variety - all mypillow and cash for gold ads. Ha


Ah, but then it wouldn’t be wrecked, it would be turned off. Someone could turn it back on. (Well, maybe, dependencies allowing.) This way he alienates his users, drives away his actual customers, and the resulting smoking wreckage only pleases the nazis on it, thereby ruining the “brand” for good, making it near impossible to resurrect what’s left of the platform after he’s forced to give it up. I mean, I don’t think any of that is deliberate on his part - he’s just a f’ing idiot*, who, as you say, is lacking competent people to actually do the work (and prevent him from screwing things up - his other companies have dedicated teams for that).

Ironically if he were trying to ruin it, I don’t think he’d be doing nearly as much damage to it as he is.

*I mean, truly, truly terrible at this business stuff, just absolutely no understanding of how Twitter works:


How does someone get those numbers? Can’t imagine mister fragile ego releasing something that bad.


To be fair, thousands of former check-mark-holders had already subscribe, but the actual end of verified accounts itself didn’t spurn many more to do so. And I suspect the numbers are worse than they seem, as there were more than 28 sign-ups, but there were also a lot of cancellations by people who previously signed up and then realized the pointlessness of it. So I could easily see people who just signed up coming to the same realization.

Supposedly alarm bells were ringing in Twitter headquarters over this… and they’re clamping down hard on “block the blue” movements.


If the whole of Twitter goes belly-up, or is left a dried, hollowed husk of what it had been, Elon’s Saudi benefactors will be pleased, and he will be reimbursed accordingly.


…Why on earth would they reimburse him, when they can also not do that? They already helped him buy the company, you know, and nobody is pulling the strings now except Musk’s daily whims.


(sound of bonesaw being sharpened).


Honestly, I think that’s too generous of an assessment. His priority is having fun with his little alt right playground, making 69 jokes and getting likes.

He going thorough the motions of trying to make it work also, but it’s clearly not very important to him because every decision he’s made is one of petty revenge or childishness, not what’s best for the company. It would be one thing if he was sincere in his efforts but simply bad at his job, but he’s clearly not sincere either. He’s only interested in rigging things to get himself more likes and other silliness.

I think it’s fairer to say he’s trying to get out of it while saving face. Nobody would buy it right now for what he paid for it, so he has to stick it out, which means trying things that have the veneer of being effort to fix stuff, but then it’s always things give him an out of blame. He blames advertisers, woke mobs, whatever. Anything to make it look like not his fault.

He knew he’d made a huge mistake the moment his joke offer got accepted. Let’s not forget the enormous legal hoops he jumped through trying to get out of it. The lawsuits, the claims of bot problems, demanding logs, etc. He knew he was in deep trouble.


Yep, that’s the bit that should’ve ended any 5D chess arguments. It’s the bit I recall whenever I’m wondering what his plan is. There’s no plan. This is just a billionaire’s equivalent of accidentally eBay-ing while drunk.