Musk wants to keep other automakers from getting the tax assistance Tesla already saw

My point is that the impact and legacy of Tesla goes way beyond their CEO being an asshole. You can disagree with his point that the government is bad at allocating resources and so shouldn’t be giving subsidies to anyone (not just car companies by the way), and that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that Tesla has been a massive force of good when judged as a car company. In this thread people are comparing them to Volkswagen’s support of the Nazis, which is absurd.

It would be, except that you are talking about a single post that is very plainly only an example of how you can enjoy a car despite its founder, rather than actually treating the two as comparable. I don’t know what you think you have to gain by dishonestly misrepresenting something we can all see, but I’m not impressed.


A front trunk is sometimes called a “frunk”. A rear trunk is a “boot” here, so let’s hope “froot” will catch on too.

I think Gizmodo sums it up nicely.

Fuck you, I’ve got mine. Totally on brand, so no surprise there.


Buttigieg Rebuts Elon Musk on Federal Electric Car Investments


And you are wrong.

First to market with a ‘when the fuck will someone market one of these already’ is pretty boring. Commercializing space is also not a huge achievement. Turning the space race into a twitter emoji war with another billionaire is not an accomplishment.

Howard Hughes this guy is not and all of his companies are sucking up taxpayer money and making him richer than his family money did. The social impacts, good and bad, of his companies, would simply be done by someone else a few weeks later.

Because of our system, someone has to own all this shit – it doesn’t have to be one person and that person doesn’t have to be an asshole. We may not be in the worst reality, but it seems we got a lot of its main characters.


Actually, calling someone “pedo guy” is something Elon Musk did.


Musk has essentially demanded we call him Pedo Guy.


Sure another company may have eventually made EV cars mainstream, but the fact remains that it was Tesla who did it. They massively accellerated the adoption of EV cars, and that deserves credit, and it’s downright amazing that their CEO being an asshole eclipses that for some people. I hate to use the politically loaded phrase “cancel culture” but this sure does seem to be a great example of it. And of course saying another person or company would have done it anyway is a criticism you could make of almost any innovation.

Having a few online comments expressing distaste for someone being awful while they continue to be rich, influential, and entirely without any consequences for it is indeed the perfect example of what gets called “cancel culture”…but that doesn’t feel like what you meant.


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Cancel culture isn’t even real… it’s from the fevered imagination of right wingers who believe that there should be no real consequences for their shitty, bigoted behavior…


Ive seen my first Tesla in the wild in the last year or two. They are not incredibly rare now but not common as they cost at least twice as much as everything else.

Many other electric cars are much more common here, much cheaper ones that actually fill people’s transport needs rather than their performative luxury needs. Tesla are the LVMH of carmakers.

Capital is the actual technology they lead.

And cultish bullshit, no carmaker has managed that level.

Electric cars will provide at best a negligible part of the solution to climate problems.


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It’s a learning opportunity. Most people prefer to not identify with the asshole.


This is a giant made-up fact of your own that several folks earlier in the comments have disagreed with.

Your opinion is clear, clearly flawed, and your own to keep and do with as you please.


Where there are few-to-no charging stations within 50 miles of your location and winter weather especially can leave you stranded somewhere with no juice and no way to get any.


But you’ll still be able to warm your hands from the glow coming off a burnished turd’s ego.


Yeah, why should Musk face consequences (this is the proper word to replace “cancel”) for his lunatic (in Musk’s case this is the proper word to replace “visionary”) statements? /s

What I really don’t get about Musk’s fanbois – at least the ones who own Tesla stock – is that their adulation for him is such that they’re willing to lose money and defend him every time he makes a statement that potentially damages the company he’s ensured is nearly inseparable from his personality.*

[* though, if he didn’t set up a share structure similar to Zuckerberg’s, he’s not as inseparable as he thinks. Even the most founder-sympathetic boards can lose patience.]


After Mary Barra achieved those possibilities isn’t the best time to show them.


How about “frunk”. Front trunk.
Edit: Whups!!. Didn’t read far enough.