Musk's legal jeopardy lifts Twitter's stock

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The best result would of course be for Twitter and Musk to both be destroyed by this.


Twitter’s value is now largely in this lawsuit


Much like Internet Explorer was a browser to download other browsers, I’ve been seeing a lot of Tik Tok videos get uploaded to or linked on Twitter posts that get linked in Reddit posts.


How is this guy still a billionaire? I don’t think he’s made a good decision in at least a decade.


Please tell me that there’s no way that he can claim any of this bonfire of stupidity as a loss to write off against paying taxes.


Honestly? I think this was always Twitter’s long game. They didn’t want to get bought and decided that the best way to deal with him was to give him enough rope, given his penchant for nooses. It’s not their first time dealing with takeover attempts.

They wrote the legal clauses into the contract to keep him on the line when he tried to back out.


It was Musk’s plan to use the Twitter buyout to liquidate Tesla stock without tanking the Tesla share price, as well as circumventing SEC rules he’d normally have to follow for a stock sale like that. He never intended to purchase Twitter, hence the stupid excuse of the number of bots and spam accounts, which were common knowledge prior to his stock bid.

He’s achieved peak oligarch stupidity–he’s so far removed from day-to-day common-sense decisions that he has no grasp of how transparent his actions are.

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