Muslim 8-year-old's letter to Trump: "Ain't gonna happen, bro"


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8 year olds are probably the best critics of Trump, since they’ve gotta put up with jerks like him on the regular.


They’re also working at his verbal and emotional level.

I’m not suggesting this kid, or any other, would win a debate against him, but at least the debate would sound right because they’d be on even footing.


Hey, that’s not a fair fight! You don’t need to push around somebody else just to prove you’re smarter and stronger! Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size?

Clarification: I’m speaking to the 8-year old.


Yes, indeed, this young guy frames the issue at precisely the level it merits. I eagerly await the counter-punch on Twitter.


Started out strong, but took an unfortunate turn at the end. :disappointed:


“You know what? The wall just got bajillion feet higher. Believe me.”


To do that, his hands would have to shrink.


"Out of the mouths of babes."

Rock on, Jackson Wheeless.


Naww! This is the second cutest thing a small child could do w.r.t. Trump.

(after the classic surprisingly-powerful crotch punch)


I think 8-year-olds would be at a disadvantage, as they’d be trying to work within (their understanding of) the real world, unable to match Trump’s reality-free demagoguery.


chuckle As a parent of that demographic I humbly submit that reality-free demagoguery is still very much in 8 y.o.'s collective wheelhouse, though I would cede the argument in the face of clear evidence that Trump has honed his innate talent over the successive years.


I like this kid. I support this kid for president, whoever they are.


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