Must-see bizarro viewing: Boots Riley's 'Sorry to Bother You'

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Just saw this a couple days ago. It gets very weird, for sure


I saw the preview and it piqued my interest. It looks weird and I like weird. May have to wait for it come out on DVD or something though.

This is one time I insist: Do NOT spoil this movie in this thread! I was totally unprepared for what happens, and metaphorically the experience is perfect, the bottom dropping out of your worldview, being thrust into a moment of pure insanity. I highly encourage you to see the film knowing and expecting nothing (other than that Boots is a genius and the film is hilarious and sharp).


The trailers don’t even approach how weird it gets. And not only does it get bizarre AF, it’s really good.

I highly recommend seeing it soon, while it’s in theaters: this is a movie that you should see with as little knowledge about its content as possible, so the sooner you see it, the less likely you are to accidentally encounter spoilers.

This is one movie that nobody should see spoiled. Also, everybody should see this movie.


It was great, reminded me a bit of Get Out or a Charlie Kaufman film. Lots of racial existential fear/dread.
Boots also did the entire soundtrack.
This definitely has Oscar potential.

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I’m not sure what’s so ‘bizarre’ about a satirical comedy about code switching…


I saw this last night and it was really amazing. Politically sharp, super funny, and tremendously weird. Rarely do I see a movie where I genuinely couldn’t guess what was going to happen.

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That would involve spoiling the film and trailers don’t even hint about how bizarre it is. The code switching is only the beginning.

I said nothing about ‘spoiling’ anything; what’s ‘bizarre’ to one person is a hyperbolic representation of commonplace, real life fuckery to another.

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agreed, the “code switching” gag was probably more to get people in the door.

Sure, it’s a matter of perspective if you think it’s bizarre or not. The film is a satirical hyperbolic representation of commonplace, real life fuckery. But it does what a good film should, builds up its world then introduces something that makes the bottom fall out of it.

And that’s all I was saying.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Saw it this week with my 16-year-old son. We both loved it and I’m so glad he was willing to see this with me rather than Marvel’s latest whatever.

That isn’t a very accurate description. It’s not merely a satirical comedy about code switching. It is much, much more. But the movie can’t be promoted as what it actually is, not only because doing so accurately is nearly impossible, but also because doing so could diminish the viewing experience.



The bizarre part of the movie isn’t related to the code switching. The bizarre part of the movie can’t be revealed!

Okay, thanks.

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I’m not trying to argue with you! I’m just trying to convince you to give the movie a chance, and not pre-judge it based on how it’s marketed.